Get the Look: Beach Hair!

Let’s face it. You can fight summer or you can embrace it.  The humidity, the salt, and the chlorine don’t have to be your enemies. It’s time to embrace your Bohemian self and get the look: Beach Hair! Us hair experts at Shear Creations have put together a few of our favorite ways to embrace beach hair while feeling up-to-date on the current trends…and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Number 1: Braids

You can slip from the beach to the bistro without missing a beat. All you have to do is make a braid! Don’t feel like it has to be a perfect masterpiece. Today’s braids are loose and wavy and free flowing.  You don’t even need a hair elastic! Braid ends can be tucked up under a cascade of loose hair and secured with a variety of items. We’ve seen everything from pens to paintbrushes to chopsticks!

Number 2: Wear it loose

The salt from the ocean provides a natural curling agent. Before you head home from the sand, take a stroll down to the water. A light sprinkle of salt water on your hair will refresh you. Keep a light conditioner or styling gel in your beach bag. Apply to your wet hair and let it air dry. The hair product will lend structure to the wavy curls, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get that beach hair look. (Remember: you can always make your own sea salt spray. To learn how, click here.)

Number 3: Blow dry that look!

We know you’re wondering, “How can blow drying my hair give it a beachy look?” Well, on a humid day, you can use your hair dryer to create gentle waves. Like we said, don’t fight the summer weather, work with it. Simply divide your hair into several large groups. Apply a light gel or dehumidifying product. Twist a bundle of hair, then apply heat with your hair dryer. Follow with a blast of cool air. Then gently unravel. Repeat. Now you have perfect, gentle waves that will won’t wilt in the hot weather.

Number 4: Call Shear Creations!!

We have all kinds of potions, lotions, smoothing serums, and gentle clarifying treatments to make your beach hair look silky and amazing. Come on by! We will make that hair look amazing. Isn’t that what we do every day?

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