Waxing Treatments

legsShear Creations offers health-enhancing waxing treatments for both women and men. Our highly trained Estheticians will analyze your skin to give you treatments designed especially for you.

Wax Hair Removal*

• Eyebrow Shaping $20
• Eyebrow $10
• Chin/Lip Combo $15
• Sides of Face $12
• Full Face $30
• Arm (Half) $35
• Arm (Full) $55
• Legs (Half) $35
• Legs (Full) $60
• Under Arm $18
*Baseline prices. Costs may be higher.

Why Use Waxing for Hair Removal?

Waxing is safer than shaving. Avoiding the daily risk of nicks, cuts and razor burn is a big reason to switch to waxing as a hair removal method.

In addition, wax products are usually made from natural ingredients. This is one benefit of waxing over using topical hair removal creams, called depilatories, which contain chemicals that could irritate the skin.

One of the major benefits of waxing regularly is the amount of time it ultimately saves. After waxing, hair removal results usually last about three weeks.

Waxing also reduces the irritation caused by seeing/feeling stubble. Not only do results last up to three weeks, but some suggest that regular waxing can cause your hair to grow back finer and sparser over time.

Source: Discovery Fit & Heath